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Thermal Imaging Surveys

The benefits of thermo graphic surveys:

  • Thermal ImagingSurveys are non-invasive and allowing the inspection to take place whilst plant and equipment are running and in production.
  • Reduced risk of fire.
  • They show a visual picture - so temperatures over a large area can be compared
  • They are able to find deteriorating, (i.e., higher temperature) components prior to their failure
  • TIC’s can be used to measure or observe in areas inaccessible or hazardous for other methods
  • It is a non-destructive test method
  • Increased efficiency of plant and equipment resulting in reduced breakdowns, condensed maintenance costs and production losses.
  • Increased Energy Efficiency.
  • Promotes compliance with The Electricity at Work Act by helping to prove the integrity and safety of electrical systems and equipment
  • Assists businesses to comply with insurance requirements and complements their existing risk avoidance measures
  • Surveys can be incorporated into existing predictive and preventative maintenance programmes.
  • Increased safety.


The appearance and operation of a modern thermo-graphic camera is often similar to a camcorder. Often the live thermogram reveals temperature variations so clearly that a photograph is not necessary for analysis. A recording module is therefore not always built-in.

A Thermal Imaging Instrument provides a illustration of heat which is invisible to the eye & can provide a quantifiable examination of temperature rise.

A warm wire in a bundle of wires or amongst hundreds of terminals will be immediately detected and displayed. Overheated apparatuses or components that are ‘breaking-down’ and visually regular to an electrician will be instantaneously apparent to a Thermal Imaging camera.

Preventative maintenance surveys can save on-line breakdowns, delivery schedules and in the long term significant costs.
Infrared thermography or thermal imaging is a recognised technique for detecting loose or corroded connections. A poor electrical connection under load will rise in temperature. Arcing may occur and eventually the connection will fail, and could result in a fire.

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