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About DJT Electrical Consultancy Ltd.

David J Tinsley Consultancy is a leading Electrical Installation, Maintenance and Inspection & Testing Company based in the North West of England.

We have many significant Industrial, Commercial, Legal, Local Council, Medical Trust and Tourism contracts maintained on an annual basis.

As Competent and highly trained UK Registered test engineers we can carry out work in Power Stations, Petro-Chemical Areas, in Commercial & Legal environments and Medical locations.

David Tinsley maintains a strong influence and restraint within the management of this leg of the company, ensuring that all test engineers representing DJT Consultancy are not only C&G 2391 &/or 2400 qualified, but follow further guidelines and training administered in-house to ensure a preeminent level of performance & safety in the field at all times.

Our Business Model:

Our business model is very often praised by the individuals & companies we carry out work for, either on an ongoing basis or as one off clients.
Considering that our client base includes household names such as Eon, Land & Marine Engineering & Lever Brothers, and customers who are well known in commerce, such as DLA Piper & Weightmans Solicitors, to have such commendation for the way our company structure & standard has been designed is gratifying to say the least.

Why we are different:

Most Electrical Contracting Companies following one of the following models:
Either they have a number of electrical staff working directly for the company – with one or more  ‘foreman’ and an ‘office managers’ overseeing the work, all of whom are answerable to the company Directors or the Company owner….
Or, for smaller companies, the owner is the Electrician, who personally attends site & has a number of electrical staff working for him there, or on other sites that he has to oversee.

We differ...

in that at DJT Ltd - David Tinsley (The Owner & Director) is aware of every job we undertake, and personally deals with the client – then, from our pool of Electrical & Engineering personnel (of which we have more than 12 Engineers on our books) – we choose the correct people to carry out the job. David remains actively in contact with the client – however the Engineer who has been allocated the contract will supervise the work. At this stage the client has the option to discuss the ongoing work with whichever they feel more comfortable -the Engineer on site, David at the Office, or ask David to attend site to meet and examine the ongoing work.
All our Engineers are strictly vetted for their qualifications & industry standards as well as their communication skills. They are all managerial Level Engineers, and hold self employment status – with their own Public Liability Insurance, Public Indemnity Insurance, Health & Safety policies & their own Test Equipment, Calibration certification, etc.

We have no one on our books at present that has not been active on at least five contracts for us in the past – with our longest standing engineers having been with us for over six years.
This means that they have independent status from us at all times, as well as falling under our banner and our systems when working for us (effectively clients are covered from two angles in every aspect of our work).
One important criteria of our Engineers is that they must all be registered with a Governing Body Independently to us (Either NAPIT, the ECA or the NIC EIC) – and therefore have an independent review of their qualifications and systems carried out external to us on an annual basis. We then carry out our own in-house development and requirements to ensure our standards are always beyond reproach.

Isn’t this just Sub Contracting?

‘Sub-contracting’ is when a company is ‘too busy’ to take on one or more aspects of a job, or an entire contract, and then passes the work over to another company for a set price. The ‘Sub Contracting’ company then takes on the full responsibility for that work – although the ‘initial’ contractor will bill the client once the work is complete (along with a percentage for profit).

We do not follow this method – we simply have a pool of very qualified, very competent & specialist engineers who we can call upon when the jobs we are commencing call for their exclusive & exceptional skills.  This ensures that our clients get the right people for the right job & have one port-of-call for their enquiries (or can talk to the designated Engineer on site at any time), and know that their best interests are in mind, as we thrive on repeat work.

David is in the unique position of encountering literally hundreds of Electricians, Engineers & Heating Specialists every year (in his positions as a Lecturer, Trainer, and Consultant). These Engineers come to him for advice or Training, and then often attend his classes on a weekly basis – thus he has the opportunity to distinguish  those that are ‘exceptional’ – and discuss the potential of working together at a later date, should a contract come up that would suit their skill base.

DJT Electrical Consultancy Ltd is an emergent business which has seen 20% client growth, year on year since 2007. We have the resources in place to sustain this growth – so please feel free to contact us should have any electrical or building services  needs you wish to discuss.




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